Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update

As you've probably seen/heard on the news, oil began washing up in Louisiana last week. To date, wildlife officials have counted 440 birds affected by the spill - 393 of which are dead and the rest rescued for cleaning and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation centers have been set up along the Coast in the four states where the spill is expected to hit the most - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida. There are plentiful experienced/trained rehabbers and supplies at the ready. AWC remains on standby.

We hear your sadness, frustration, and sense of hopelessness at this environmental crisis. We encourage you to turn your energies into action. You can help AWC continue to prepare to respond to the needs of oiled wildlife and all of our ongoing rehabilitation and education efforts in Alabama by donating, becoming a member, or adopting an animal. (Photo above is an oiled Great Blue Heron that was washed, rehabilitated and released early this year by AWC.)

The first two bird Deepwater Horizon spill victims, a Brown Pelican and a Northern Gannet, were successfully treated and released on May 10th. The third, a Green Heron, was treated and released on May 14. See a video of the release.

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