Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Tough Bird!

On Wednesday of this week, AWC received a message on our Wildlife Help Line concerning a hawk trapped in a warehouse in Birmingham. Before we could assemble a rescue team, a rep from the warehouse called to let us know the hawk had flown out of the building.

Initially so relieved that the bird was free and no rescue team was needed, our relief turned to concern as we learned the hawk had flown through a window to gain her freedom. We just knew the bird was somewhere hurt, possibly dying from the impact, but there was nothing we could do--she had flown away.

About an hour later our doorbell chimed, alerting us that we had a new patient needing care. AWC staffer Lee McDonald answered the bell and met with an employee from the warehouse. They had found the Cooper's Hawk on the roof of their facility lying on her back and obviously in dire need of help.

Our initial exam revealed that she was suffering from head and possibly spinal trauma from the crash through the window, unable to stand but thankfully with movement detected in the legs. It was also found that she was in great shape--a successful hunter that judging from her weight, had not missed too many meals!

Steroids were administered to reduce the inflammation from the impact, fluids were given and she was placed in a box with a supportive "donut" to alleviate the weight from her legs. By the next day, she was beginning to use her legs more and by Friday the beautiful young hawk was standing on her own! Now also eating on her own and no longer in need of hydrating fluids, the Cooper's Hawk is making a steady recovery, though still listed in guarded condition.

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  1. Wow...........She's beautiful. great job and great warehouse guys for looking out for her. Hope she makes a full recovery.