Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet an AWC Volunteer: David Gray

Volunteer David Gray with baby Chimney Swifts
David Gray began volunteering this year at AWC in the throes of baby bird season. David got a few shifts under his belt before attending orientation (in fact he is here for no less than three shifts a week!) and has learned the ropes the best way—by fully submersing himself into the many demands of this unbelievably busy time of year.

David arrives with an unfaltering willingness to pitch in wherever needed, often taking on labor-intensive jobs such as cleaning out and resetting aviaries, disinfecting shift cages, convalescent rooms and cleaning the rodent bins. Without prompting he’s off to Treetop Nature Trail at the start of the shift to feed and check in on our Tree Top residents and he’s always willing to make a run to the vet for us for whatever is needed to be dropped off or picked up.

The icing on the cake is David’s great attitude and cheery nature. Working hard and always with a smile, David’s the kind of volunteer we are so thankful to have at AWC. Thanks for ALL your hard work this summer, David!

How will you help Alabama's wildlife? New volunteer orientations held the 1st Sunday of each month form 1-4pm. More info at

by Lee McDonald, AWC Wildlife Rehabilitator

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