Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet an AWC Volunteer: Erin Johnson

Erin with Coosa, the Barred Owl
Erin Johnson is such a great volunteer that we knew we had to have her on staff. In the summer of 2009, Erin was hired as Songbird Intern and anyone that worked with her can attest to the fact that she did an amazing job.

Continuing on as a volunteer after her internship ended, Erin has become MUCH relied upon in the clinic. During her shift (and she does two a week, by the way!) Erin moves deftly from Bird Nursery to Raptor Handler to Help/Info Line to Aviaries to Raptor Wing to Tree Top Nature Trail -- WHEW! She basically does it all and does a great job. Erin has also helped out with many tours, helping us educate the public about our native birds. She is also a member of the Education Bird Team.

Her great attitude and sense of humor don’t hurt either and we always look forward to an “Erin shift.” Thank you, Erin, for all your hard work. You’ve made such a difference around AWC!

How will you help Alabama's wildlife? New volunteer orientations held the 1st Sunday of each month form 1-4pm. More info at

by Lee McDonald, AWC Wildlife Rehabilitator

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