Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carolina Wrens Nesting at AWC

Every year we have a nest of Eastern Phoebes above the door to a maintenance room.  This year, the Carolina Wrens decided to build onto the previous years Eastern Phoebe nest. For about 2 weeks we've seen the parents come and go with building matierials and eventually mealworms collected from the Pond Diets we set out daily.
3 Carolina Wrens on Thursday April 15th

If you look closely, you can see the various materials that the birds use to build nests:  a Great Horned Owl feather, pieces of astroturf, leaves, grasses, mosses, plastic wrapper.

As I was leaving Saturday, I noticed this little guy.

Carolina Wren fledgling!

  One of the babies had fledged! The others are soon to follow.

Jessie Griswold
Raptor Rehabilitation Coordinator

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  1. I love the little tuft of feathers on his head!