Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooper's Hawk Release

In March we recieved a call from the Birmingham Zoo about an injured Cooper's Hawk that was found in the middle of the construction site of their new exhibit.  The Hawk was suffering from severe head trauma, was unable to stand and had soft tissue injuries on its feet (what is called "bumblefoot").  After a month of foot treatments and wraps performed every other day and increased movement and mobility, we placed the bird in a flight cage for reconditioning.   
Cooper's Hawk foot wrap.

After a few weeks reconditioning and a thorough physical exam, we decided the Cooper's Hawk was ready for release.
Staff member Lee McDonald prepares to release the Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk taking flight

After flying to a nearby branch, the Hawk checked out his surroundings for a few minutes
Cooper's Hawk perched on branch.

and flew off deeper into the woods to freedom.

Jessie Griswold
Raptor Rehabilitation Coordinator

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