Monday, April 26, 2010

Juvenile Crow reunited with Parents and Flock!

A fledgling American Crow was picked up by an Alabasters Animal Control Officer and brought to AWC at 10am on April 23rd. The finder’s said that the Crow was just sitting at their front door and thought the juvenile was injured. After a full examination, the Crow seemed to be in good health. We contacted the finders and she said the parents were flying around and calling, so we decided to attempt a reunite immediately. After arriving an adult was spotted and we decided to place the baby behind the finder’s home in a large brushy area along an easement. 

American Crow adult

When we got the juvenile out of the box it began to give an alarm call and the whole flock of American Crows flew in.

The Parents

Both parents began diving at us as we placed the baby on a branch. They were still swooping us as we retreated to our cars confident that baby would be well cared for.
Juvenile in the tree

Jessie Griswold
Raptor Rehabilitation Coordinator

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