Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red-shouldered Hawk Reunified April 13!

Baby Raptor #19 of 2010 at AWC

On Tuesday, April 13, the Alabama Wildlife Center received our first baby hawk of the 2010 season, a beautiful nestling Red-shouldered Hawk. Found on the ground the previous evening about 6 feet from its nest tree, this young hawk was helpless, scared and vulnerable to predation. Benji and Lisa Reaves, the home owners who found the baby, knew that leaving the young bird where it was would likely end in tragedy. They housed the bird overnight and brought it to AWC first thing the following morning. Our initial exam revealed that the baby was uninjured from the fall and in perfect health—a prime candidate to be reunited with its parents.

AWC staff member, Lee McDonald arrived at the Reaves’ residence around 5pm and began playing recorded Red-shouldered Hawk calls to attract the parents. Within 5 minutes the mother bird appeared. The homeowners pointed out the nest which was located about 40’ up in a White Oak. A bulldozer was employed in restoring this young hawk to its nest. A sibling was discovered when BR19 was placed back in the nest. The mother hawk was watching close by, waiting to resume care of her young.

Reunited with sibling!

Another happy reunification thanks to thoughtful finders like the Reaves, and the compassionate work of AWC.

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